Apps to Beat Stress

Free Apps to Help You Beat Stress

Stress is something affecting almost every other person on Earth. Nonetheless, this common disorder can certainly turn out to be a freaking medical condition if not dealt with appropriately. While relieving stress isn’t easy at home, thanks to technology that we now have several handy apps for it. These apps with guided meditations, tracking patterns, and other stress-relieving tricks.

Isn’t that amazing?

Well, here we list a few really good apps that will vanish your stress right away. You can also download other similar apps, but make sure to have a VPN on your smartphone before you install such apps, as you never know when you encounter any fake app. While Android users can easily download a VPN on their phones, iOS users may need to learn setting up a VPN on iPad or iPhone through tutorials.

Without further ado, let’s start with our list.

1. Headspace

Headspace is a wonderful solution for those who need meditation. And yes, you don’t need to find any excuses for avoiding it, as this app has got everything to grab your attention. Whether you need guidance, or you need to learn from the beginning, Headspace provides you all the best features. With ‘mindful moments’ offered by this app, you can stay present throughout your day, and can also enjoy quick exercises for relieving mental stress. It also offers instructions for the beginners, guiding you about everything from diet to social activities that facilitate stress management.

2. Happify

Some people need quick exercises and games to relax. For all such individuals, Happify is the right option. As evident from the name, Happify is all about keeping you happy. It offers various games that relieve stress and provide you useful guidelines about changing your routine habits. For first time users, it determines the track you need by asking you a series of different questions. To keep your mind relaxed while moving along your track, Happify provides different quizzes, and activities to reduce your stress.

3. Pacifica

Pacifica is an award-winning app for stress patients. With a user-friendly interface and eye-catching designs, the app first takes on relieving your stress by leveraging its blue and purple colors in the interface. For those suffering panic attacks, this app comes in as a life savior. Pacifica offers different options for tracking your health, moods, and habits, and provides you different techniques to relax your mind.